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Eastern Bluebird - Sialia sialis

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Size: 6-6"

Males are bright blue with reddish throats and breast and white belly.
Females are similar, but not as bright.

Voice: a very soft melodious warble
Call note "queedle" or "churlee"

Range: Breeds in the eastern half of the United States into southern Canada. Winters in the southern half of the breeding range.

Our neighbors tell us that 1997 was the first year that they
had seen an Eastern Bluebird. This bird has seen a decline
in population, but, with the help of bird fanciers, they are
slowly making a comeback.

Watching these birds nest and raise their broods is one of the highlights of our year. There is nothing more endearing than a naked little baby bird.

Normally the Bluebirds arrive in early March to take up residence in our nest boxes. This year we did not even see a Bluebird till May. I think we caught a pair on their second brood of the year as they quickly disappeared after one brood.

From our experience with Bluebirds they seem to be the most skittish birds we've seen. We've learned to stay well away from the nest box until the eggs have hatched and even then only to mow the lawn. Also having a woods next door we never get to see the young Bluebirds except for an occasional glimpse from far away.

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