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American Crow - Corvus brachyrhynchos

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Real Video of the Crow who really likes "French" Fries.

Size: 17-21"

Large, stocky and black all over with a slight purplish sheen. Stout bill. Tail squared or fan-shaped.

Voice: the familiar "caw, caw, caw"

Range: Breeds in the southern two-thirds of Canada and throughout the United States. Winters from the Canadian border south.

An amusing and intelligent bird it's often thought of as a nuisance. However others may feel I'd still rank them high on my favorite bird list. While our neighbors are busy trying to keep the crows away we welcome them with open arms. Unfortunately as you can tell by the lack of photos Crows seem to be far and few inbetween of late. There used to be a large group that frequented our area. Now we only rarely see them.  I hope they are not falling victim to the nasty West Nile Virus.

Crows can be very entertaining especially when you get one who likes french fries as much as the one we captured on the video. Hopefully the video will work and you won't be annoyed to death by upgraditis that is a 'REAL' pain and why we're searching for a new way of showing video.

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