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Downy Woodpecker - Picoides pubescens

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Size: 6-6"

Black and white above, white below. White cheeks intersected
by black eyeline. Mustache from bill to back of neck. Male has
red patch on nape.

Voice: a dull "pik" Also a loud, descending rattle. Drums with its bill against bark producing a fast series of percussive noises.

Range: From Alaska and the southern two-thirds of Canada
throughout most of the United States except treeless deserts.

This small woodpecker can be attracted to your backyard by the use of suet feeders. We have several of these guys hanging out at the tree and, if there's a line at the suet feeder, they help themselves to a seed or two at one of the other feeding stations. We also find them to be quite used to our presence and very brave hanging about waiting to be fed.

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