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Indigo Bunting - Passerina cyanea

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Size: 5"

In bright sunlight the male appears to be a brilliant blue with the wings and tail darker. Without the sunlight he will be black. This bird actually has no blue pigment at all, but seems to be blue due to diffraction of light through its feathers. Females are a drab brown.

Voice: Excited warble - each note repeated twice.

Range: Breeds from Saskatchewan east to New Brunswick and south to central Arizona, Texas, the Gulf Coast and Florida. Winters in southern Florida southward.

We thank our neighbor for bringing us this bird. He decided to stop mowing the field next to our house and turned it into a weed jungle. At first we only seen these Indigo Buntings along our fence row. This year however we had one brave enough to try and compete for sunflower seeds at our feeders. You will usually find these birds along rural roadsides and in brushy thickets. It is a very beneficial bird because it eats many insect pests and weed seeds.

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