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Can I use your pictures?   The Answer quite simply is 'NO'.   These pictures are  our property and protected by copyright laws.   I've been burned way too many times in the past to agree to any use of these photos.  
*** ( As side note, we keep logs of the use of our pictures. If we find anyone using these            pictures and calling them up from our site, we replace it with a less desirable one.)

Are you glorifying death with this site?  Absolutely not.  While I do believe that death is part of life and I believe in an afterlife as described by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Are you a GOTH?   No, I have no Germanic roots at all.   Seriously, I know what you mean by GOTH, and no I am not.  While I do like GOTHic architecture and find that pale skin thing kind of cute, that is far as my Goth interests go.  If I gave the wrong impression by the design or mood of this site I apologize for it.

Are you pushing Catholicism with the prayers?  The prayer pages are listed as Catholic. If you have a problem with Catholicism or Catholics I'm sorry, I'll pray for you. 

Where can I buy one of these Angel Statues?  You would be best served by looking up statuary or cemetery monuments in your local Yellow Pages.  A local Funeral Director would also have a pretty good idea where to look.

Why aren't there any angel statues in our local cemeteries?    It's probably a 'Protestant' thing more than anything else.  Your best bet is to find a Catholic cemetery as Catholics don't have a problem with statues and the like. However I should stress that a Catholic cemetery is no guarantee of angel monuments especially in more modern cemeteries. The protestantizing of post Vatican II Catholic properties has been the ruin of many beautiful works of art and even churches.

Any Questions not answered here or covered to your satisfaction please contact us through our 'Contact Us' page.

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