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Welcome to Death Angels : A Photographic Essay 

Here you will find photographs of cemetery angels, watchers and guardians which grace the final resting places of many who have gone before us.   Rather than finding them morbid or macabre, I find them to be both comforting and beautiful.  It is a disappearing art form and one that deserves to be protected and cherished as part of our heritage. The beauty of the gardens of stone that once graced cemeteries, have been replaced by lawns which more resemble golf courses than places of honor.  Surely a natural landscape is pleasing to everyone's eye, but it says nothing of the character of the place.  Sadly the natural landscapes of the modern cemetery are not made for their beauty, but for their ease of maintenance.  It's cheaper to mow over rather than around.  Even  wreaths, flowers, trinkets and memento's left to honor the dead are thrown away with no respect for the sentimentality behind the act. 
Here you will also find bookstore with books about cemeteries and angels.  You will also find some Catholic prayers dealing with angels.

page01.jpg (4327 bytes) The Original Black and White Photos that made up the 1st version of Death Angels.
page02.jpg (4151 bytes) Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery
page03.jpg (4784 bytes) Resurrection Catholic Cemetery
page04.jpg (4352 bytes) Holy Sepulcher Catholic Cemetery
Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery
page05.jpg (4383 bytes) A Pet Cemetery
page06.jpg (4246 bytes) Rural  Countryside  Cemeteries
page07.jpg (4746 bytes) Old Wooden Barns and Rural One Room Schoolhouses, grave markers of a way of life.
aprayers.jpg (5032 bytes) Roman Catholic Prayers to the Angels
anovena.jpg (5116 bytes) Roman Catholic Novenas to Angels
alitanies.jpg (5018 bytes) Roman Catholic Prayers to Angels
soulsprayer.jpg (4731 bytes) Roman Catholic Prayers for the Souls of the Dearly Departed
sickprayers.jpg (5212 bytes) Roman Catholic Prayers for the recovery for the sick
dyingprayers.jpg (4942 bytes) Roman Catholic Prayers for the grace of a peaceful and happy death for the Dying
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