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Resurrection Catholic Cemetery

Resurrection Catholic Cemetery founded in 1904 is located in the near southwest Chicago suburb of Justice. It has a very good old section with many nice angel statues. Resurrection is probably most known for it's supposedly haunted nature made famous by self appointed ghost hunters like Richard Crowe and talk radio hosts like Eddie Schwartz and those who follow in their footsteps today.  Resurrection cemetery is claimed to be the home of Resurrection Mary, the famous 'Dancing Ghost', and a supposedly haunted mausoleum.
For many who live in the area, a drive past Resurrection at night includes an obligatory look to see if Mary is out by the main gates and an all to real chill up the spine when you find yourself actually doing it.  The ghost stories are best left to those 'professional story tellers'.
Resurrection also holds a special meaning for me as it is the final resting place for many members of my family and I'll end up there as well. (Hopefully not too soon.)

Resurrection Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums
7201 Archer Avenue
Justice, Illinois 60458

Please note. While ghost stories and urban legends are part of growing up. Never fail to remember to treat all cemeteries with the respect an eternal resting place surely deserves. Grave desecration and drunken midnight visits are not only stupid, they are against the law. The Justice police department does not look kindly upon either as a form of late night entertainment.

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The photo to the left is of the main entrance of the cemetery. Part of the 'Resurrection Mary' legends is that she left her hand prints burned into the iron bars of the gate. I seen actually seen these. The bars were later removed by cemetery officials because too many people were stopping to view them.

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