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Giant Swallowtail - Heraclides cresphontes

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Size 3 - 5"
Egg Green egg
Caterpillar Dark brown with tan markings and buff colored saddles and red scent horns.
Host / Food Citrus trees, Ash, hops and rue.
Broods 1 brood
Habitat Open meadows, forest edges, roads, rivers and orchards.
Range Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota, south to Florida Keys and Mexican border.

AKA "Orange Dog".  (because it is considered a citrus tree pest.)
The Giant Swallowtail is the largest North American butterfly and in my opinion the most impressive. They are rarer in northern areas so we count ourselves blessed to have had them in our yard. They are black on top like a Black Swallowtail and yellow underneath almost like a male Tiger Swallowtail.

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