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Our Butterfly List

 This list contains photos of butterflies that were taken in our back yard. Next to our Bird visitors, the most welcome sight in Spring and Summer are the Butterflies. Hopefully this list will grow in size and in the quality of the photos.

Click on butterfly names below to go to it's page.

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Cabbage White
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Common Sulphur
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Orange Sulphur
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Silver - spotted Skipper
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Eastern Black Swallowtail
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Tiger Swallowtail
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Zebra Swallowtail
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Red-spotted Purple
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Snout Butterfly
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Question Mark
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Eastern Tailed Blue
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Pearly Crescentspot
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Milbert's Tortoiseshell
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Hackberry Butterfly
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Painted Lady
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Red Admiral
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Mourning Cloak
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new button.gif (869 bytes) Giant Swallowtail
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new button.gif (869 bytes) Great Spangled Fritillary
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new button.gif (869 bytes) Large Wood Nymph
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new button.gif (869 bytes) Comma

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