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Monarch - Danaus plexippus

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Size 3 - 4"
Egg Ribbed lemon shaped pale green egg.
Caterpillar White, yellow and black stripes. With two feeler like hairs near front and back.
Host / Food Milkweed and Dogbane
Broods 3 broods. 1st hatches south migrates north in Spring, 2nd hatches in north during Summer, 3rd hatches north migrates south during Fall.
Habitat Open meadows and weedy fields especially with milkweeds. During migration everywhere.
Range Nearly all of North America from south of Hudson Bay through South America. Not found in Alaska or Pacific NW.

Perhaps North America's best known and favorite butterfly. The Monarch is famous for it long migrations both north and south with the seasons. You can also watch them die after being prematurely hatched out in cold weather at someone's trendy wedding.

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